Back to School Mudroom Organization Ideas


Before school returns to session and our worlds creep back into chaos, it is a great time to organize our mudroom! We want our floor to be clean, and each family member needs to have their spot for coats and supplies.

We also need to plan space for backpacks, electronics, and sports equipment. In addition, plenty of labels and storage will be necessary to help it function properly. This article will discuss some of the best mudroom organization ideas.

Install Hooks

light colored gray mudroom storage unit with black hooks and lower cabinets

You are probably questioning the number of hooks you need for the size of your family. We recommend a minimum of one hook per family member. 

Why is it necessary to have more hooks?

Before every hook has more than three jackets and coats, you may consider installing a couple of extra hooks so it doesn’t get crowded. An optimal way would be to add one extra row of hooks, so everything from backpacks to umbrellas and lunch bags can fit easily.

However, if you don’t have enough space to add an entire row of hooks, I suggest adding at least one hook for each family member. Having extra hooks prevents kids from overloading single hooks and simplifies accessing bags.

You may even consider adding small hooks specialized for face masks, lunch boxes, or anything else that helps your kids get out quickly not to be late for school.

Consider Adding Sanitation Station

hanging hand sanitizer station with pump and sign

Since Coronavirus entered our lives, people have become more aware of health and personal sanitation. But, even if that didn’t happen, having a proper sanitation station would still help your family stay healthier.

What are the essentials for creating Sanitation Station?

The first step is to choose the perfect location. It should be easily accessible for everyone, especially kids. The second step is to gather all the necessary supplies, which are:

– Hand sanitizer

– Disinfectant wipes

– Soap

– Paper towels or a clean towel

– A wastebasket

After you have all the supplies, find a nice container to hold them together. Label it with “Mudroom Sanitation Station” or something similar, so everyone knows what it is and how to use it.

Charging Station

custom charging station in mudroom. White wood shelf with compartments

With all the devices we use nowadays, it is essential to have a proper charging station in our homes. A mudroom is an excellent place because it is usually close to the primary entrance and exit of your home.

What do you need to create a charging station?

– Power strip

– Extension cords

– Phone chargers

– Tablet or laptop chargers

– A basket or box to store cords

I suggest labeling the charging cords if you have more than one device per family member. It will help everyone know which cable goes to which device. Trust me; it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Separate Sports Gear Spot

dark wood mudroom storage with open shelving for shoes and may hooks for sports equipment


Having a separate spot for your kid’s sports equipment is essential. It doesn’t matter which sport it is. If you are a multi-sport family, having different labeled bins for each family member would be great. 

You need to have enough storage space for sports equipment like balls, cleats, jackets, gloves, etc. Dedicated storage space for sports gear is also an excellent way for your kids to stay organized. If you organize it properly, you may never need to help them find their sports equipment again.


labeling ideas for mudroom organization

Labeling is one of the critical keys to a functional and successful mudroom. It would be best to label everything, so everyone knows where things go. I suggest using closed storage plastic bins with labels for each family member. That way, there is no confusion about whose stuff goes where.

You can also use hooks and hangers to label each family member’s stuff. If you have a lot of kids, you can use different colored hooks or hangers to make things easier.

Another great way to label things is by using chalkboard labels. You can buy them pre-made or make your own with chalkboard paint and adhesive vinyl.

Separate Mudroom Storage Space for School Paperwork

entryway mail organizer

One of the most challenging things about going back to school is dealing with all the paperwork. From permission slips to report cards, there seems to be an endless amount of paper that comes home from school. The best way to stay on top of it is to dedicate a storage space for school paperwork.

A simple filing system with labeled folders is all you need. A designated storage space for school paperwork will help keep your mudroom organized and tidy. It will also make it easy to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

Extra tip

Lastly, having a separate folder for parent notifications and important forms will help parents sort out papers meant just for them. 

Add Reminder/Calendar Section

family calendar on the wall

Adding a simple calendar or a reminder section is an excellent way to keep your family on the same page. Create notes for your kids so they know what they need to bring to school. Notate deadlines and project due dates to keep your older children on task. You can also mark fun family events on the calendar to give everyone something to look forward to!

Things to look out for

You must update the notes regularly so the family doesn’t get confused. Having different color notes for each family member may help your kids avoid getting confused with their obligations.

Extra Mudroom Storage Ideas

Here are some additional sections I would add to the mudroom storage.

Open Storage for Dirty Shoes

muddy shoes and boots hanging on wall

Kids will be kids and inevitably will come home with dirty muddy shoes. 

Having a dedicated place for dirty shoes may keep your floors cleaner and give you less headache when cleaning your mudroom. It will also prevent muddy shoes from sitting in a coat closet for months. Also, you can add a sneaker brush for your kids to instill a good habit of keeping their shoes clean. 

Small Space for Towels

mudroom storage bench with hooks and slanted shelves for towels

If your kids like to play in the rain, you may consider keeping some towels in your mudroom. Adding open shelving for towels is a great way to ensure your kids can warm up and dry off as soon as they enter the house. In addition, you will keep your house cleaner since they will enter the home clean and dry.

Bowl for Car Keys

white bowl with outline of key

Running late and not being able to find your keys is frustrating for every parent! A simple solution is to place a bowl and always leave your keys. 

Laundry Room Storage Basket

rolling laundry basket

After a long day in school or sports practice, your kids may come with dirty sports clothes, equipment, or shoes that need to be washed immediately. A mudroom laundry basket is a great way to remind them not to forget to empty their bags of dirty clothes. Some great hanging options will save floor space and help hide clutter.


Organizing your mudroom for the school season is essential, and it will save you a lot of time when preparing your kids for school. In addition, adding some of these components can improve your home functionality and give you more time for yourself.

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