Organize Your Closets and Cabinets


Some tips to organize your closets and cabinets

Purge first

Even the best closet system in the universe won’t work if your area is full of stuff. Whether you are sorting your clothes closet, pantry or playroom, begin by taking everything out and seeing what you can let go of. Don’t worry if you don’t get it all edited on the first try, it takes time to clean a really messy closet.

Add wall hooks

Installing hooks in or near your closet if your first step against a messy floor. Use them to quickly hang bags, scarves, necklaces or items you have worn once and plan to wear again. In the kitchen, you can use wall hooks to hang market bags, dishtowels, and aprons.

Shoe storage

Clear shoe boxes look great and stack neatly on shelves but if you find that it’s too much trouble to put them back properly, you will eventually stop using them. Go with open shelves, making sure they are adjusted to the right height for your shoes. Hiring a professional closet company can help you figure out exactly what shelving you need and how to adjust so they are perfect for your needs.

Labeled bins

Workout clothes, swimwear, and sweaters are good candidates for keeping in bins. Store more frequently used pieces in bins that are waist to eye level and items that aren’t used that often on higher shelves.

Children’s clothes

Once kids are old enough to begin dressing themselves, consider replacing hangers for drawers or bins. Labeled bins (ideally labeled with a picture and words) can be pulled right where they are needed and easily returned. Sort clothes by type (tops, bottoms, pajamas) or by day of the week.

Snack foods

Bags and packages can topple over which creates a lot of chaos in the pantry. Gain control by stashing snack foods and staples in lightweight open-top bins or wire baskets. When you are running low, it is easier to see what you need to replenish and everything has a place.

Lazy Susan

Trying to find navigate through an array of bottles, jars, and cans to reach something at the back of your pantry is a pain. A Lazy Susan or two can solve this problem by allowing you to rotate pantry contents with a quick spin.

These are just a few suggestions to getting your closets, pantry and other areas of your home organized. For the best solution, consider hiring a professional custom closet company in Makefield to help you maximize your closet space. One of the best closet companies around is Closets For Less. We’re here to help make your life easier. Give us a try today.