Smart Closet Design in Bucks Co


The principles of smart #closet design – Part one

Like your household appliance, closets these days can come loaded with many bells and whistles. Whether it is simply a place to store clothes or your closet needs to double as a dressing room or sitting room, it must be adaptable, durable and convenient. Consider hiring a custom closet company in Doylestown to help tackle your closet needs.

Before you get started, there are some questions you need to ask yourself about how you will use your space. Then you can fully understand what needs to be done to get there.

Do you need a place to sit?

A chair or bench is convenient for putting on shoes. Under-window seating works especially well because you can’t use that space for hanging storage anyway. If you don’t have a window in your closet, using up empty space in the middle can be a good spot for a chair or bench.

Do you want to have a mirror?

A mirror should be at least three feet away from you so that you can see yourself. It also shouldn’t be blocked, such as on the back of a door. If you have custom made components in your closet, such as a cabinet with doors, you can add a mirror to the front of it.

Will you be ironing in your closet?

You can add a flip-down ironing board to save tons of space. Ironing boards are an eyesore. I fold-up ironing board saves space and gets it out of the way.

Do you want to admire the view?

Remember that if you can see out, others can see in so keep the windowsill at 3 feet or higher.

Will you watch TV while you get dressed?

If you want a television in your closet, plan your storage around it. Unless it’s at eye level the television becomes a radio.

There are essentially two types of closets: those you can walk into and those you can’t. Reach-in closets pose the biggest challenges including the doors used to access them. If there is room a swinging door is the best option because it gives you full access to the inside of the closet. Your next best bet if space is too tight for a swinging door is a sliding door. However, these bypassing doors are prone to popping off their tracks and you can only get at one half of the interior at any given moment. Bi-folding doors are another option. These afford access to the full width of the closet while only taking up only half as much floor space as swing doors.

Understanding what your closet entails and what you want to do to improve it is half the battle of having a functioning, nice-looking closet that you can enjoy. Hiring a custom closet company in Doylestown is a great way to get the maximum space and have an aesthetically pleasing space for your clothes and accessories.

If you are looking to improve your storage space, give Closets for Less a call.