Storage For Your Finished Basement


Storage Solutions for your finished basement

The basement is one of the most versatile areas in the house. If you are lucky enough to have a house with a basement, the possibilities of what to do with it are endless. The secret to a great basement is having all the amenities you desire plus lots of storage. When you are looking to create unique spaces for your finished basement, consider hiring a custom closet company in Doylestown to design and build all the fixtures you will need.
Think about all of the things your finished basement will be used for and then figure out how to achieve that. For some helpful hints, read on to see exactly what you can create in your finished basement.

What about an island?

If you are considering a home office or craft room in your basement, organize it with a multifunctional storage unit. Take a tip from your kitchen and use an island as an extra workstation and space for additional storage.

Perfect seating

A low shelving unit can offer a convenient storage solution as well as a place to sit down and put on shoes before heading outdoors. Large baskets are ideal for stashing outdoor gear near an exterior basement entry.

Unique Spaces

Basements have a lot of nooks and crannies so if your basement’s surface area is in short supply, enlist vertical storage solutions to keep clutter at bay. Wall-mounted shelves can turn a narrow passageway into a highly functional space. They can stash heavy items such as stacks of books and heavy bins while organizing smaller office and crafting supplies for a tidy workstation.

Family entertainment

Complete your basement retreat with a well-appointed entertainment center. When planning your storage system, consider all the things you want to store. Cabinetry is perfect for concealing game systems, DVDs, and CDs, while open shelves can display fun collectibles and family photos.

Take advantage of wall space

Basements often have large expanses of walls that are just perfect for wall units. Open shelving keeps items visible letting you see items at a glance.


A boring basement can become a custom storage unit. Having a custom closet company build cabinets and shelving can really transform your basement and open your home up to a whole new idea of storage. Consider what you need and then talk to a professional

Bookshelves with attitude

Be creative when selecting storage areas. Consider using the space along the stairs of your basement to create an amazing array of bookshelves. You can create a home library without being obtrusive by taking advantage of unusable space.

When it comes to your finished basement, the sky is the limit! You can take this open space and make it anything you like. Need more space for guests or is that teenager begging for their own space? Maybe you need more family gathering space or a private home office that is off limits to the rest of the house. Anything is possible when you have a blank canvas and space to work with.

Consider hiring a custom closet company in Doylestown to help create the space of your dreams.