Turn a Spare Room Into a Closet: 9 Golden Nuggets


You can’t seem to find anything in your closet and you’re constantly tripping over clothes on the floor. 

It’s not fun living in a cluttered space, is it? Not only does it make it hard to relax, but it makes your life at home more hectic than it needs to be. 

Here’s a solution: If you have extra bedrooms, turn a spare room into a closet!

With a few simple changes, you can turn your spare room into an organized and stylish closet that will make getting dressed each day a breeze.

Here are a few closet conversion tips to get you started:

Invest in lighting and blinds for your window

Photo courtesy of Upbeat Soles

Any fashionista will tell you that there is nothing worse than a faded wardrobe. The colors become dull, and the fabric can start to look old and worn.

Unfortunately, sunlight is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to fading clothes. So what’s the main culprit? Bedroom windows! That’s right, if you’re converting your bedroom into a closet be wary of too much natural light provided. You can solve this problem by placing blinds over windows.

In addition to blinds, you will need good lighting for your walk in closet design. Artificial light doesn’t have the same ultraviolet rays that cause fading, so your wardrobe will stay looking fresh and new for longer. Simply head to the home improvement store and pick up some blinds and lighting.

Double-check your look with a mirror

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess
Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

One of the key elements to creating a functional and stylish space is a full-length mirror. Not only does a vanity mirror help you see your outfit (and dress your best) from head to toe, but it also reflects light and makes the space feel larger.

Plus, it’s a great way to check your hair and makeup before heading out the door.

Your Sitting Area

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If you’re going to turn a bedroom into a dream closet, you will need a place to sit! Whether your dream closet is a spare bedroom that you’ve converted or a true walk-in, a sitting area allows you to have a private getaway within your own home.

A chaise lounge, a bench seat, or a closet desk is an excellent piece to complete the look of your new closet. Not only does it add a touch of luxury, but it also provides the perfect spot to sit after trying on clothes or shoes.

When you’re ready to take a break from shopping, you or the occasional guest can spend time in your own private retreat.

Extra Hanging and Storage Spaces

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Any fashion lover knows that extra storage space is crucial for turning spare bedrooms into walk in closets.

With room to hang dresses, shirts, and other clothing items, as well as space to store shoes, handbags, and other fashion accessories, a walk-in closet can be a haven for anyone who loves clothes.

Cabinet doors are a great way to create more storage space in closets. Specifically, I mean the doors that go on cabinets. Cabinet doors can be used to create more storage space in your closet by adding shelving to the inside of the doors.

Telescopic Valet Rods

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A telescopic valet rod is a perfect addition to any walk-in closet. By simply attaching the rod to the doorframe, you can turn spare rooms into dressing rooms.

The rod is adjustable, so you can customize the height to suit your needs. Additionally, the rod is easy to install and can be used with all types of doors.

With a telescopic valet rod, you can potentially transform any bedroom into a walk in closet.

Double Hangers

One of the best ways to transform your spare room into a walk-in closet is to invest in some double hangers. Double hangers are twin sets of hangers that are joined together at the top.

This design allows you to hang two items of clothing from one hanger, allowing you to maximize storage potential in your closet.

Double hangers are also great for organizing your clothes by season or type. For example, you could hang all your summer dresses on one hanger, and all your winter sweaters on another.

By using double hangers, you can make the most of your spare room and turn it into an efficient walk-in closet or dressing room.

Shoe Storage

Are you looking to maximize space as you turn your bedroom into a closet? One of the best ways to maximize space in a small extra bedroom or walk-in closet is to go vertical with your shoe storage. By storing shoes on shelves or vertical shoe racks, you can keep them organized and out of the way. Additionally, you can free up floor space for other items such as clothing or luggage.

Open Garment Racks

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Adding an open garment rack to a walk-in closet is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to boost its storage capacity and organization. By installing an open garment rack, you can easily add an extra layer of wardrobe storage.

Introduce Colors: Add Rugs, a Closet Island, and Wall Accents

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There are many ways to add color to a bedroom closet. One way is to add a brightly colored rug. Rugs not only add visual interest but also help the room feel cozy.

Another way to add color is to fill up wall space with new wallpaper, wall-mounted paintings, or photographs. This adds personality to your space and also helps to visually expand the room.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns on the wall. A little bit of color can go a long way in making a bedroom closet feel like truly personal space.

Frequently Asked Questions About TurnING A Spare Room Into A Closet

Here are the FAQ’s to help turn spare room into closet:

How do I turn my spare bedroom into a functional walk in closet or dressing room?

Turning a spare bedroom into a closet is a great way to make the most of a small space. Here’s how to construct the perfect dressing room:

  1. Clear out any furniture from the spare room
  2. Add shelving or storage racks along the walls
  3. Add a mirror to help make the space feel larger and more open
  4. Keep the area well-lit (artificial light is better than natural light)
  5. Make sure to have blinds for the window so your wardrobe doesn’t fade
  6. Add decor or an additional shelf for the walls or doors

How much does it cost to turn a spare room into a closet?

Turning a small spare room into a closet is a great way to maximize space in your house. Depending on the size of the room and the closet design you desire, you can expect the cost to range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

How do you build a closet in a room that doesn’t have one?

If you don’t have a closet in your room, don’t fret! There are plenty of other storage solutions that can help you keep your space organized and tidy. One option is to install shelves along one wall. You can use these shelves to store clothes, shoes, books, and other items.

Another option is to invest in a dresser or chest of drawers. This furniture can provide ample storage for your belongings while also adding a touch of style to your room. Whatever storage solution you choose, make sure to measure the space carefully before making any purchases.

How do you build a closet in a small bedroom?

The key to building a closet in a small bedroom is to maximize space. Look for ways to use every inch of the closet, from the floor to the ceiling. Hang your wardrobe on double rods, and use drawers and baskets to store other items.

If possible, assemble a hidden storage area behind the closet door. By making the most of the space available, you can have a functional and stylish closet that will help to keep your new dressing room organized.

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